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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

P90x Day 2, week 12 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

well today was a VERY busy day, rented a jumbo dumpster and done some yard work. Throwing away thing we don't need and is consider clutter. felt like a breeze hoping it was more of a workout. Workout was great, but done Kenpo X instead "limited room in my basement". Sign on to WOWY hopefully i win that would be great! had a cheat meal but still under my caloric intake. it was shrimp scampi and some sour dough bread. Yum well time to do another round of kenpo X!!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 33.8% (46 grams)
Protein - 38.5% (119 grams)
Carbohydrates - 27.7% (86 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,233

Daily grade A-

Tomorrow is p90x Day 80 whoot! im glad i made it this far. push hard and push play.

Monday, March 30, 2009

P90x Day 1, week 12 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

"Right to Bare arms!"
just got done with the work out. Its 3:11am right now and going to get some ZzZzz... will update the daily nutrition and daily grade later good night everyone!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 9.0% (13 grams)
Protein - 40.3% (129 grams)
Carbohydrates - 50.6% (162 grams) "mostly from fruits"
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,188

Daily grade A


waking up feel sore and loving it :D, hope everyone doing great job! p90x Graduation day is soon approaching!

P90X Day 7, week 11 Completed "CATCH UP"

Today was pretty bad considering my brother went to the emergency room to get his appendix out. Still got the workout in and all, just pushing hard as i can. don't really have much to say right now...

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 9.2% (14 grams)
Protein - 46.8% (160 grams)
Carbohydrates - 44.0% (151 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,193

Daily grade A

Saturday, March 28, 2009

P90X Day 6, week 11 Completed

well sry for the late update, right now is Kenpo X! going to re-do the Shoulders and arms again "feel like i need to BRING IT! since i have my motivation back". Then right after i will do AR-X 2x.

Workout's done

-Kenpo X
-Shoulder's and arm "right after Kenpo X"
-Ab Ripper X " 2x, right after another"

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 5.5% (8 grams)
Protein - 32.0% (101 grams)
Carbohydrates - 62.5% (197 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,249

Grade A

"update info"
Done all the workouts even the bonus rounds. Never thought i love the AR-X pain XD"

Psycho Doubles for Week 12 "yes I'm crazy" this is the final week of bust a$$ so might as well go crazy! mmmm... deliciousness haha I'm glad my motivations back, and thanks for everyone's concerns and support. i very much appropriate it A LOT! also went to Walmart and got some body fortress whey protein, yeah i know its cheap but need to get my protein on.

Friday, March 27, 2009

P90X Day 5, week 11 Completed

i started the workout very early than usual. I started at 3:40am MT, and finished at 4:26am MT i added come Congdon Curls, and some standard push ups. I Murdered it today! i feel like a million bucks! well i wish hahah. but yeah i think i got my motivation back. Thanks to everyone for there comments that kept me going. i going to do some AR-X again later today but going to catch some ZzZzZ... more updates later. will update once the end of the day hits.

Daily nutrition and grade

Fat - 15.4% (22 grams)
Protein - 29.5% (96 grams)
Carbohydrates - 55.0% (178 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,270

Grade -A

"update so i done extra AR-X and some different styles of push ups."

P90X Day 4, week 11 Completed

Yoga X.... i pushed about 95% hard. today i thought i ate a lot but it was very little, i was still stress but not a lot. after i got done working out went to Walmart and kingSoopers just to get away from the house, it help a lot. I bought some new tanks, Grey and black, organic banana's, cereal and some skinless chicken breast. i will continue to push hard today "Leg's and Back". im going to do AR-X 2 times just to jump start myself again. Thanks for all the comments it help me a lot.

Daily nutrition and grade

Fat - 7.3% (20 grams)
Protein - 15.6% (96 grams)
Carbohydrates - 77.1% (475 grams) "mostly from veggies and fruits."
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,051

Daily Grade A-

Thursday, March 26, 2009

P90X Day 3, week 11 Completed

today i moved all my workout things from the living room to the basement where i reside. I push as hard as i could, doing extra rep, and extra set until failure. Done AR-X and this time i struggled. Too many things running in my mind that destroying my concentration and motivation. I still pushed hard, and i completed it today. i did not do plyo yesterday, and spent the night at my older sisters house to get away from the stress. it help and relieved the thoughts, but still came back harder when i cam back home. Anyways enough rambling, things will be different tomorrow YOGA X! "March 26, 2009". I WILL BRING IT AND NOTHING LESS! P90X RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily Nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 13.9% (19 grams)
Protein - 56.2% (172 grams)
Carbohydrates - 29.9% (92 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,210

Daily Grade A-

---------------P90x Picture timeline----------------

P90X Day 2, week 11 Rest "motivation running low..."

Dam, who ever read my blogs and stuff. To Dax326 thanks for the comment, it helped. I was just way too stressed and my motivation was at its lowest. i deal with family drama so much and it just sometime stupid. So many people promise me this and that and they flaked on me, the person i looked up the most to was my older brother. I was going through something bad along time ago and he promised me that he would work out with me if i stopped doing the things i did back then. I held him to his words, he started but end up giving me too many empty promises. It running me down so much, and it feels like I'm alone by myself on this. I love helping people and and that what makes me happy. I need to emotionally DE-attach myself from my brother. Some people prob think im just dramatic by your don't understand coming from an Asian family. I'm still pushing forward, but seems like im nopt pushing hard enough anymore. i will catch up on Plyo Sunday. Any ways....

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 13.3% (13 grams)
Protein - 47.5% (101 grams)
Carbohydrates - 39.2% (84 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 841 "i dident eat much because i was stressed :("

Grade A-

Monday, March 23, 2009

P90X Day 1, week 11 Completed

Today was great, i pushed hard, but it feel like there something that depleting my motivation. i don't know what it is, but i need to get my head straight. Daily is going good too. Maybe i need to take a pictures and see if i gain anymore progress. :D maybe. anyways Plyo is tomorrow and looking forward to it XD

Dily nutrition and daily grade.

Fat - 10.9% (16 grams)
Protein - 40.0% (130 grams)
Carbohydrates - 49.1% (159 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,276

Daily grade A

Sunday, March 22, 2009

P90X Day 7, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

Week 10 completed, and going to rest up, decided to go out last night and drink a bit.... Yeah i usually don't but i worked hard this whole week so i drink, but not much at all. Today would be consider calorie confusion. Tomorrow back to low calories, time to bring it once more :D

so far daily nutrition and daily grade.

Fat - 19.6% (40 grams)
Protein - 29.7% (138 grams)
Carbohydrates - 29.7% (138 grams)
Alcohol - 21.0% (56 grams)
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,845

Daily grade B-

"update info":

Well it wasn't all resting day hehehe. i went to the Rec-Center. where they have free weights and other cool awesomeness things. I worked out on my Biceps, Triceps, Upper, mid and lower Pecks, weighted abs crunches. I done all those for about 2 hours, and then went swimming, then hit the hot tub, then went into the sauna. So all in all it was very relaxing day. also took a nap ^_^

lol at the voting thing i added. 7 out of 9 people think im crazy in my work outs hehehe you guys are awesome!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

P90X Day 6, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLE"

Today Kenpo X and i still love how much i sweat from this. they way i push hard is i imagine if my family members were in trouble and I'm beating up a bunch of thug/killers. Yeah it sound dorky but it helps me push hard as hell, because i love my family, everyone of them. Everything is awesome and loving the hard ass work i done this whole week, planning to do Stretch x or just rest, since i put myself ion over drive this week. whew!!! ... anyways

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 12.7% (18 grams)
Protein - 41.1% (129 grams)
Carbohydrates - 46.2% (145 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,255

Daily grade A- lol heheh

Friday, March 20, 2009

P90X Day 5, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

Today was a drag, so busy and tired. Got home around 9:58pm, Drink protein drink and started Legs & back again. AR-X kicked my ass this time. I felt the second time wasn't pushed hard enough. I maybe do some more extra workout later tonight. diet today was a bit off but not as a cheat. had a small piece of white french bread with padtay on it. All in all my diet was 99.8%

Daily nutrition and daily grade.

Fat - 9.0% (12 grams)
Protein - 51.8% (160 grams)
Carbohydrates - 39.3% (121 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,239

Daily grade A

well that all i have to report today. T.G.I.F Have a fun Friday!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

P90X Day 4, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

Dam... wouldn't have it any other way. I can now do the Wheel instead of the bridge haha. not yet put a leg up yet in wheel. but getting close hahah. I love to sweat and stretch. Today was a very relaxing day, went to a spa with my older sister, and had a message from head to toe. It was awesome and well awesome haha lol anyways daily grade and nutrition.

Fat - 10.1% (14 grams)
Protein - 34.7% (109 grams)
Carbohydrates - 55.2% (173 grams) "mostly Fruits and veggies"
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,240

Daily Grade A

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

P90X Day 3, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

today was fun and brutal woah.... AR-X x2 enough said.... but all in all today was awesome! work off a good amount of sweat. Not much to say but need to catch up on some sleep. Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 7.0% (10 grams)
Protein - 61.6% (191 grams)
Carbohydrates - 31.4% (98 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,244

Grade A

well thats all for the update good night everyone :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

P90X Day 2, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

Psycho Double's - meaning is that the workout is done 2 times, either back 2 back or in the morning and later at night.
Sounds crazy!!!! hehe that me :D

Well today i done Plyo Back 2 back. pretty intense. Once it had hit cool down i went back into it like a Cereal killer hungry for some COCO PUFFS!!! hahaha.... well whole wheat coco puff's if theirs a such thing :D anyways i push hard both times and sweated. To me as a person who doesn't sweat too often unless work very hard.

below is me after the 2nd round of it :D


Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 13.4% (18 grams)
Protein - 57.7% (176 grams)
Carbohydrates - 27.0% (82 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 1.9%

Total Calories Consumed 1,219

Grade A

Monday, March 16, 2009

P90X Day 1, week 10 Completed "PSYCHO DOUBLES"

Well today was awesome, just been distracted by a lot of empty promises by someone and it pissed me off. I now know not to look up to that person no more.... Anyways with random rants. I done the work out today in the morning and finished again for my second round 10 minutes ago. I push hard both times, and loved it. i actually sweated harder the second time then the first. That includes AR-X 2x. any who, daily nutrition and daily grade.

Daily nutrition and grade

Fat - 22.9% (34 grams)
Protein - 53.4% (180 grams)
Carbohydrates - 23.6% (80 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,351

Grade A

P90x Day 7, week 9 Completed "no rest but catch up"

so this is the day i done Yoga X since i missed it. I'm happy thought wish i could of pushed harder but couldn't. Since i had my wisdom tooth pulled all 4 of them. i rather not get a dry socket. Monday will be the day where taking it easy ends and i will push harder, and I'm going to do AR-X 2 times. maybe the work out again twice. i need to keen my diet and tweak it some more. hope everyone doing great! wont take updates until day 90 has been reached :D

Fat - 13.2% (25 grams)
Protein - 61.6% (262 grams)
Carbohydrates - 24.0% (102 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 1.2%

Total Calories Consumed 1,701 " mostly from cereal/oatmeal"

Grade A

Saturday, March 14, 2009

P90x Day 6, week 9 Completed

Kenpo X today was fun, i guess i pushed it pretty hard yesterday i feel pretty sore in the leg and thigh area hehehe. I still pushed hard and done some extra bicep curls with other arm exercises. Tomorrow will be the day i will catch up with Yoga X. well i can at least say that i have not missed a day of P90x heheh. not even pulled wisdom tooth can stop me from training :D.

Fat - 8.4% (12 grams)
Protein - 69.3% (227 grams)
Carbohydrates - 22.3% (73 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,317

Grade A

Friday, March 13, 2009

P90x Day 5, week 9 Completed

Yeah... i know i just got my wisdom tooth pulled and still recovering. you think im crazy but haha maybe a lot :D Yet i did not want to succumb to the norm of post-tooth removal. Ice cream, mac n cheese, and milk shakes bullshit. i couldn't take the thought of being lazy and just laying in bed and doing nothing. So i decided to do P90x heheh. All i had yesterday was some brown rice soup with poach egg. Today was pretty much the same ate some all natural grits with some chopped lean pork. I missed yoga X yesterday but will continue to do it on my rest day. I will be doing Leg's and back and AR-X again today to jump back in gear. Since my body more healthier and recover faster. i was worried about bleeding and the most fear "Dry socket". I did not bleed just breath extra calmly and push hard, but not that hard. I'd sad it was about 70%-75% Bringing it. This time i will push harder like always and not fear of it bleeding. anyways

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 12.6% (17 grams)
Protein - 56.3% (173 grams)
Carbohydrates - 31.1% (96 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,239

P90X Rest "Wisdom Tooth removal all 4 of them :("

well today/yesterday i got my all 4 of my wisdom tooth removed. it hurt like a bitch and still hard to eat solid foods. Trying not to eat ice, cream or milk shakes like all other people do when they get theirs removed. I had a protein shake, and slept for most of the day with some pain killers. Still keeping my diet clean, hopefully...

Daily nutrition and grade

Fat - 6.5% (7 grams)
Protein - 47.4% (112 grams)
Carbohydrates - 46.1% (109 grams) "mostly from soup"
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 957

grade A

Update Wisdom tooth removal

well I'm still up 2:52am going to get some sleep after this post. the dentist said that i was OK to start working out again after 24hrs. So calling just in case again to make sure. If all is go I'm doing legs and back. and doing yoga on my rest day to chatch up. Hopefully i can work out cross your fingers

they lost one of the tooths

P90x Day 3 week 9 Completed

it went very well and love ARX heheh. daily nutrition and grade. sorry for the lack of update recently.

Fat - 9.6% (14 grams)
Protein - 66.9% (225 grams)
Carbohydrates - 23.5% (79 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,329

Grade A

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

P90x Day 2 week 9 Completed

Plyo completed, dam... i sweat like a river haha, i push so hard and it was awesome! My brother came and done it with me even though he's sick. It make sme happy to know that he still kicking it and doing it. I done some extra work out in the morning and some push up during plyo. Also a s very MAJOR INFO UPDATE!!! I will be getting all 4!! of my Wisdom tooth pulled on the 12 of March :(. SO im gonna push very hard until then. Once i get off recovery from the extraction i will start over from day 1 of phase 3. :D anyways here's my daily nutrition and daily grade.

I also had a somewhat of a cheat meal "Famous Dave's BBQ"
it was Grilled chicken "no skin" and beef shank with beans. i was kinda worries even though i ate it. but it did not even go over my calorie intake. i was very surprised hehe.

Fat - 11.2% (17 grams)
Protein - 59.7% (207 grams)
Carbohydrates - 29.1% (101 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,370

Grade A

i'm very speechless.....

wish me luck on my 4 wisdom tooth extraction "MARCH 12th 2009" :(

Monday, March 9, 2009

P90x Day 1 week 9 Completed

today was brutal i dont extra crazy ass reps! last log was 20-30 reps. I'm kicking it up a lot and i was able to push for 35-40 reps a set. Yea that sound crazy but if you want something bad you have to work hard for it. Same goe's with the AR-X. Dear god.... thats all i can say... when i got done i was struggled to get into the shower and bath hahhaha. Dam this is going to be a brutal phase 3 for me :D

Anyways here's daily nutrition and grade :D

Fat - 5.5% (8 grams)
Protein - 65.3% (224 grams)
Carbohydrates - 29.2% (100 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,349

Grade A


P90x Day 7 week 8 Rest

just chilled and rested watched some tv and some errands. Till at night time i decided to do Kenpo X puhahahah :D

Fat - 9.6% (15 grams)
Protein - 63.4% (229 grams)
Carbohydrates - 27.0% (98 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,426

Daily grade A

Sunday, March 8, 2009

P90x Day 6 week 8 Completed

Yoga today was great, bust a sweat like usual. Had great health meals today and lot of yummy fresh fruits. I done some bicep work today too, just a bit to confuse my muscle some more heheh. anyways here my daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 8.7% (14 grams)
Protein - 56.6% (211 grams)
Carbohydrates - 34.7% (130 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,456 "mostly dried cranberry and fruits"

here are some fun pictures for kicks. there my old hallow week vs my current me with it on. oh yeah these picks were taken 30 mins after yoga x :D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

P90x Day 5 week 8 Completed

Core was fantastic im starting to get better at it. but still kicks my ass. i for some reason felt discouraged. i still pushed it hard but not hard enough "well to me at least". i just got some with some bicep and push up workout 5 minutes ago for kicks. cant wait to get out of recovery week! "giggling like a little school girl" lol jk.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 15.0% (24 grams)
Protein - 62.8% (229 grams)
Carbohydrates - 22.2% (81 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,332

Daily grade A

Thursday, March 5, 2009

P90x Day 4 week 8 Completed

Well it was suppose to be stretch x or rest, i decided to do some kenpo x. it was great. Today my mom cam back home from Vietnam and I'm happy shes back!! Well cant wait to do some Core synergistic tomorrow!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 5.1% (8 grams)
Protein - 75.4% (257 grams)
Carbohydrates - 19.5% (66 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%
Total Calories Consumed 1,353

Grade A- "lol"

me and my nephew doing Kenpo X

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

P90x Day 3 week 8 Completed

Well today was good but took longer into getting it done since helping my nephew do it as well. As i shared my bottle just to let him drink a bit of my whey protein "not knowing he was sick", i felt weak and ill, soon later around 8:20pm i found out he was sick, then i grab some "emergan-c" and it made me feel 80% better from 60%. Well im not planning to do Stretch x tomorrow or maybe if i feel a lot better.

Daily Nutrition and grade

Fat - 11.5% (17 grams)
Protein - 58.5% (195 grams)
Carbohydrates - 30.0% (100 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,317 "75 calories from Emergen-c"

Daily grade A

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

P90x Day 2 week 8 Completed

Core once again kicks my ass and i still love this one!!! Especially Superman Banana XD heheh Tweaking my diet a little bit and see where it takes me in a week:D I so much love coffee now! i read in Muscle and fitness mag that regular "non BS added" to the coffee was a great source fat burner. It was so strong and i was so wired hahaha.

Daily nutrition and grade.

Fat - 11.4% (16 grams)
Protein - 63.1% (204 grams)
Carbohydrates - 25.6% (83 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,292 "trying to keep the calories low again"

Daily Grade A


P90x Day 1 week 8 Completed

Today was great! Yoga couldn't be sop much fun when you feel the nurn in yoga belly hehehe! Hope you guys are pushing hard. Once recovery week is over im going to push harder than last month and really going to bring it x2 or maybe more. heheh:D

Daily nutrition and grade

Fat - 19.9% (36 grams)
Protein - 46.9% (190 grams)
Carbohydrates - 33.1% (134 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,575 "yummy flax seeds"

Grade A whoot!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

P90x Day 7 week 7 Rest

Today was great for recovery, had some really good health meals. play video games with my nephews and got a new whey protien. and i love it 0 Carbs heheh.

Daily nutrition and grade

Fat - 18.4% (30 grams)
Protein - 44.2% (162 grams)
Carbohydrates - 37.4% (137 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,437

Grade A

Completed Day 49 :D almost half way YAY!

Here's a day 50 update :D