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Monday, April 2, 2012

Review so far and how far i've came

so far i feel great! feeling awesome all over again. looking back from 150 days before my workout. i was fat, unhappy, and discussed with myself. So i decided to jump back on to P90X and finished a round of it. then decided to start and finish Insanity! the result from the 150 day workout was pretty good. Since my diet was off by 40% of the time. But manage to tweak it to get better again. Either way, i rather be where i am at then 150 days ago.

Before P90X/Insanity vs after P90X/Insanity

took a couple of weeks off after i finish Insanity to get alot of work done. Now i am doing another round of P90X reloaded/round 2!

So i hope you guys Enjoy my journey so far. because i am! Stay tuned. today is day 1 of P90X round 2!

Insanity Day 60 Completed Month 2

final day whooot!!! kick some fat ass. heheheh Insanity completed!!!!!!

results picture

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