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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Insanity Day 23 Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

Today work out was abit tiring. since i blasted my muscles yesterday. I felt pretty sore, but kept diggin deeper!!! Tomorrow is Plyo Cradio circuit, going to kick ass and take some names!!!So many people, more then i use to see are going nuts with working out. Nothing feels more awesome when you root them on and seeing them get PUMPED!

Daily tip: For an edge on your nutrition and keep your metabolism at it peak fat/cal burn. try to at least eat 6 meals a day. 3 protein shakes and 3 regular meals

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Monday, January 30, 2012

Insanity Day 22 Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

Today was hardcore!, completed original insanity workout. Then went to a local rec center for the extra workouts. Extra workout included P90X and insanity moves. Blasted my glute's and quads. i also switch up my nutrition for today increasing my protein in take and a bit more carbs. mainly fruits and veggies, the fat ratio is almost spot on!! kick ass!! below is a pic of me done working out. felt swollen and you can see the result so far of me add more lean mass.

Daily tipyou can never have too much protein in your diet. also that goes for fruits and veggies!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Almost half way done! will post update result pictures next test fit day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Insanity Day 21 Catch up Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

Today was Plyomtric cardio circuit. Oh yeah! man i push REALLy hard today! felt awesome and wanted more!!! Cant wait for day 22 "week 4 day 1". Its foing to feel awesome! hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!

Daily Tip:
After working out you have 30min to an 1hr to get your recovery drink/protein shake in. It a time where your body actually at optimum performance and need the right nutrition to repair or build muscle. Remember muscle grown doesent happen in the gym. Always give your body 1 days rest to progress.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Insanity Day 20 Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

today changed out my workout again, done insane abs. Also will be doing Plyometric cardio circuit tomorrow. man i pushed it pretty good today! i feel great.

Daily tip:If you find yourself raiding the fridge at night even when you know that you've eaten as much as you should for the day, brush your teeth. If you're still hungry after that, try having a cup of tea or drinking a glass of water, because thirst can often be mistaken for hunger.

If you're still hungry after trying both of those solutions, reach for a plain protein shake.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Friday, January 27, 2012

Insanity Day 19 early rest day w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

today i took it easy, i hit my knee again on some stupid license plate holder thing. Ran into it pretty hard lol. anyways took today off so it can heal and wont be a problem for tomorrow. going to hit hit pretty hard tomorrow doing double workouts.

today's nutrition
-Cinnamon Toast crunch
-2% milk
-Emergen C
-egg whites
-brown rice
-chicken breast
-slice of home made banana mango bread
-some beef jerky

today wasent that bad, beside me eating an entire bag of jerky lol.

Daily tip You can use Shakeology as a body cleanse aswell.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Insanity Day 18 Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

Today was suppose to be cardio recovery. instead i switch it out once more with Insane abs. today hustle and bustle was awesome! kick it in to gear and pedal to the freakin metal!!

Today nutrition

-Chicken noodle soup

pre-workout meal

Post workout meal
-Shakeology greenberry
-Protein bar

-brown rice
-Egg White

-fruit leather
-Orangic green tea

-Penne whole wheat pastas
-light cream sauce
-grilled chicken breast

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Insanity Day 17 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

Today i switch out pure cardio and cardio abs with upper body weight training. ill do pure cardio and cardio abs tomorrow. Todays work out was intense! i put alot harder today and felt it too!! Nothing beats kicking your own butt in the morning!

i feel great and i start to notice more change in my body and endurance with Inanity work outs. I will dig DEEPER tomorrow!!! you can count on that!!

Daily Tip:
Always listen to your body. When you feel confident push harder and fight for the extra reps. why because it will all count towards the very end. Like the popular saying goes. Penny saved is a penny earned!!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Insanity Day 16 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

Today was such a busy day. so many errands and so little time. Workout was intense, but felt i was bonking since my energy was drained from previous activities. Tomorrow ill kick some ass and really dig deeper!!! Soon i will be come a beach body coach once more. Give that a try and ill still help individuals achieve greatness and awesomeness!

No matter how life gets ill do my best and make the most of things. Life is all bout having fun and enjoying the one life you got. So do it right and be happy. Im not saying go party and do drugs. But live the life that is fill with joy and wellness, and sexy fit body lol.

any ways n.n

Daily tip: One of my favorite meal replacement shakes is green berry shakeology! great flavor and loaded with vitamins and minerals. they also have chocolate flavor as well.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Monday, January 23, 2012

Insanity Day 15 Completed Test fit 2 w/ Nutrition Info

Insanity day 15: Test fit 2 "made it my bitch today ahahahah!!", lost only a bit of steam at the end with low plank/oblique.

Test fit 1 results.

-switch kicks- 145 reps
-power jacks- 47 reps
-power knee- 41 reps
-globe jumps- 7 reps
-suicide jumps- 14 reps
-push up jacks- 30 reps
-low plank obliques- 50 reps

Test fit 2 Results

-switch kicks- 185 reps = Improvement of 40 extra reps
-power jacks- 80 reps = Improvement of 33 extra reps
-power knee- 100 reps = Improvement of 59 extra reps
-globe jumps- 25 reps = Improvement of 18 extra reps
-suicide jumps- 30 reps = Improvement of 16 extra reps
-push up jacks- 50 reps = Improvement of 20 extra reps
-low plank obliques- 60 reps = Improvement of 10 extra reps

mmm push the hardcore beast mode to make Major improvements when Test fit 3 in 2 weeks. mmm yummy hahaha.

Daily tip: eating bak choy has many benefits. its one of my power foods i eat alot. here is a link of info on this super food.

Daily nutrition and daily grade.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Insanity Day 14 Rest w/ Nutrition Info

Today i took it pretty easy. had a house warming party for a friend. diet suffered today, but healthy food choice was present. Tomorrow going to be crazy, caloric intake will go back to normal 1200-1500 cals. Ratios of protein, carbs, and fats will be better.

Daily tip: Bell peppers has more Vitamin C then a regular orange. so eat on up with some salads, or as a side dish. yum!!!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Insanity Day 13 Completed w/ Nutrition Info Hardcore!

Today, was pretty badass with awesome workouts. Dont P90X shoulders, and arms in the morning. Then Insanity Pure Cardio, and Insane ab's back to back.

original workout was just Pure cardio and cario ab's

so kicked ass today, and my diet still going for nutrition confusion. Monday it will go back to normal.

Daily Tip: Making your own food at home is not only good. But you know the quality you put in to it. Compared to just eating out and not knowing all the "OTHER" ingredients they put in.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Insanity Day 12 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

Brand new day, i decided to switch out my work out again. From Cardio power to Upper body weight training and cardio Ab's. it was intense, and loved every minute of it! felt yesterdays work out today!

i guess i'm doing something right lol, i have increase my caloric intake for just today with higher carbs to throw off/confuse my body with nutrition. It worked before and goto crush it out and get better results then my round of P90X.

Daily tip: Drinking 8oz of grapefruit juice at least 3-6 times a day help boost metabolism to burn extra fat. study's have shown proof of it. google it :D

today's nomage!

during workouts
-8oz water with Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C packet

after workout
-2 scoops of 27g whey protein
-yummy apple

later today lunch/dinner
-egg whites
-brown rice
-grilled chicken breast

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Insanity Day 11 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

Hey everyone! hope you had an awesome day today! Today i wanted to try something different. i switched out cardio recovery for Insane ab's. Insane abs was freaking fun and worked out my core and lower abs alot.

Today wasent soo bad, my nutrition need to be tweaked a bit more. its been like a roller coaster and its hindering my progress a bit. tomorrow it should be alot better with lesser carbs and fat ratio.

going to dig deeper tomorrow!!! >:)

Daily tip: always engage your core when you do a workout move. never skip the cool down or warm up just to finish.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Insanity Day 10 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

aside from the photo XD

Plyometric cardio circuit!, man oh man still and awesome workout. had some things come up that had to cut my workout kinda short. Had to help my mom with joint pain, ran all over the place to look and find the right medicine/supplement. I didn't get to push as hard as i wanted to. Tomorrow i might switch it out for insane abs or something. Well see. Also my diet kind of suffered a bit today. Had home made Taco's and some other thing that were still good for me. Green tea, protein bar etc. so you'll see my carbs kind of high what not.

Daily Tip: When you need inspiration of getting fit and healthier, print a picture of a model or athlete. As it should suit as fuel for your fire to kick some ass!

Daily Nutrition and daily grade

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Insanity Day 9 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

Today was pretty fun, struggled a bit, because i added more resistance yesterday at the local rec-center. Still burn some calories and kicked some butt! today's nutrition was pretty good and kept under my max cal intake which is 1905 cals.

So far i feel great, ill probably take some update pictures on 2nd fit test.

Daily tip: one of the power foods i love to eat alot of is apple's, help burn more cals and loaded with fiber.

Daily Nutrition and daily grade

Monday, January 16, 2012

Insanity Day 8 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

just finished today's works out, and kick some bootay!!! sweated a bit, and my globe jumps improved by 4 more reps total 11 globe jumps. whoot i feel my body getting better and better each day i CRUSH PLAY!!!

my lunch meal for today.

yummy brown rice, shrimp, chicken breast, tofu, bok choy and broth. nom nom nom!!

Daily tip: When working out add Emergen C 1000mg Vitamin C in your water to add an upper edge to your workouts. replenish you electrolytes, and recharge your energy to blast through the workout!!

Daily nutrition and daily grade.


Insanity Day 7 Completed w/ new detailed Nutrition info

So today was a catch up day, let me knee heal up yesterday. Injure was from walking into a corner of a table really fast. lol stupid table, anyways burns some calories today and kicked some ass. added some resistance workout like more push up and etc.

today nutrition was fixed abit, but need to be more strict. So more fine tuning will be on monday.

Daily tip:Chicken breast, Turkey breast, fruits, and veggies have no limit when you eat. Just remember Power foods work with you to burn extra cals.

Daily Nutrition and Daily Grade

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Insanity Day 6 Rest w/ new detailed Nutrition info

i took a rest day today, i slightly hurt my knee. but still done some

4 set of 40 rep of wide push up, military, diamond, and decline push ups. each

Then 3 set of 10 reps of up right rows, in and out bicep curls, concentration curls, etc.
tra workouts.

my diet suffered a bit today... but tomorrow is where it will be fixed. took it easy with my knee and took some aspirin.

Daily tip:If you need to rest, take a rest day, and use your scheduled rest day to catch up and destry the workout and burn some goo!!! :D

Daily Nutrition and daily grade "my nutrition for day was a disgrace. will be fixed by tomorrow. hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Insanity Day 5 Completed w/ new detailed Nutrition info

with sweat dripping from my face, vein pumping, heart rate going crazy, pushing the limit and feeling badass.

Oh hell yeah!! i Killed it today with Insanity Pure cardio.

would anyone like to pick me off the ground ahaha, man i kick my own ass and DIGGED DEEPER then before!!!!

fun quote of today's work out!

Shaun T. - "I'm so tired i don't even know the name of my moves"

that's how you know that workouts kicking the trainer's butt too XD

Tip of the day: to get rid and aid recovery from soreness eat some pineapples.

Ok so i went back to my crazy caloric deficit. it is 1905 calories is my max intake for a day.

Daily Nutrition and daily grade

doing what Ive done in my first round of P90X i got great results. The aid of Insanity burning crazy calories, and eating super foods. ill be back in sexy ripped tone body in no time.

if you have any question please leave a message and ill get back to you on that!

oh yeah for nutrition program i use and its free.

you just simply input all the food you ate in one day. It would give you the info on your daily intake. ratio of proteins, carbs, fats etc. great tool to use if you want the upper edge on your nutrition like i am!

Insanity Day 4 Completed

Cardio recovery! was easy!! man i feel great. can wait for tomorrows work out! getting back in the groove and working it!!!

also forgot to post my day 1 picture

nutrition detail description soon to come!

Insanity Day 3 Completed

Insanity day 3: Cardio power and resistance.

oh how i miss being sore! pushed very hard yesterday, and feeling it today :) Time to dig deeper and Push even MORE harder!!!

meal of the day: mmm yummy, last meal of the day: Brown rice, bac choy, shrimp, fish, and egg whites ^^

nutrition detail description soon to come!

Insanity Day 2 Completed

January 10 2012, Insanity Day 2 completed! seems like Plyometrics cardio circut is alot easier then P90X plyo XD. it was fun, and killed it today!
feel really great to try something different.

breakfast: 2 scoop 24g whey protein shake, and a apply yum!!

nutrition was upto par today with no junk food or bs in today fast food. just original yummy organics :DD

nutrition detail description soon to come!

Insanity Day 1 Completed

i started Insanity day 1 on January 9 2012. This is the very first time i am starting and WILL finish it. the day before i started i mentally prepped myself for this insane workout. it was fun and felt great.

here are my result for the test fit.

Insanity test fit day 1: completed. After a week of rest/complete alot of errands. Globe jump kicked my ass and lost some steam, but kept pushing hard. Feels great and sweated a bit whoot.

Test fit day 1 results. Enjoy
-switch kicks- 145 reps "2 moves = 1 rep"
-power jacks- 47 reps
-power knee- 41 reps
-globe jumps- 7 reps
-suicide jumps- 14 reps
-push up jacks- 30 reps
-low plank obliques- 50 reps

Will crush harder on next fit test results ,Enjoy :)

will update more with detailed nutrition like ive done with pie charts.

been awhile! but im back in action!

so i been busy with life and hadn't have time to post like i use to. now im back, recently fell off of the wagon for about a year. Life issues and crazy stuff got in the way and discouraged me. I started doing P90X again in Oct 3 2011.

i let myself go and had to once again stop the madness.

here's a recent pic

My day 90 picture, picture was taken after i ate so meeh! also and yes I tanned a little, and I grew my hair out more enjoy lol

i then took a week off from working to get commission done and errands as well.