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Sunday, March 8, 2009

P90x Day 6 week 8 Completed

Yoga today was great, bust a sweat like usual. Had great health meals today and lot of yummy fresh fruits. I done some bicep work today too, just a bit to confuse my muscle some more heheh. anyways here my daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 8.7% (14 grams)
Protein - 56.6% (211 grams)
Carbohydrates - 34.7% (130 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,456 "mostly dried cranberry and fruits"

here are some fun pictures for kicks. there my old hallow week vs my current me with it on. oh yeah these picks were taken 30 mins after yoga x :D

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