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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

P90X :Round 2: Day 6, Week 10 COMPLETED

Jab, Cross! in the face and in the gut! heheh lol sorry still cant wait for insanity to come out! im going crazy!! oh man like thay always say patients come to those who wait. oh started digging the trench for the lawn sprinklers and i'd say in about50% finishing digging. Then off to get some sprinkler hoses and what nots.

I really thank beachbody , and allof those who helped me keep pushing forward and not stoping! Thank you

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 5.5% (8 grams)
Protein - 62.0% (197 grams)
Carbohydrates - 32.5% (111 grams)
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,249

Grade A

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