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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

P90X :Round 2: Day 5, Week 10 COMPLETED

Today iwas awesome, finished the back yard and laided the rest of the missing remaning SOD. Now for the sprinkler system. booo! Today work out was pretty intense burned alot and loved it. Need to getback to planning out the charity and finishing up on my costume stuff. time to get back. I think about it i drink alot of protien, but that help me get bigger muscles heheh.

Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 16.9% (25 grams)
Protein - 24.8% (84 grams) "that should of been higher, that's weird"
Carbohydrates - 58.3% (196 grams) "i love apples, orangess and cereal :D"
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,284

Daily grade


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