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Sunday, May 3, 2009

P90X :Round 2: Day 7, Week 2 COMPLETD

Rest or stretch X..... Ha! i went to the gym today and still have people commenting on my toned body! Done Ab ripper X from memory and destroyed some more body parts. Rest Days are not for me, i only got the gym for extra workouts

all were 3 sets and all done 8-10 reps

-Supanation Concentration curls
-Crouching Cohen curls
-Deep Swimmer press
-two arm triceps kickbacks
-Shoulder press
-in and out bicep curls
-Upright rows
-Straight arm pours
-over head triceps extensions
-Congdon curls
-Hammer curls
-Bicep curls

3 set one more than 20 reps

-2 angle shoulder fly's
-45lbls weighted Step back lunges
-Standard push ups
-wide push ups
-Military push ups
-declined push ups
-declined wide push ups
-declined diamond push ups
-diamond push ups
-Chair dips "leg raised 5 reps each"
-15lbls weight arm circles
-45lbls squats to tippy toes XD

Ab/Core exercise
-Plank and thatarunga plank with weights "on back"
-3 parts touch the sky
-Heels to the heavens
-in and outs
-Crunchy frog
-Fifer scissors
-Side plank with weights
-Declined weighted crunches 25lbls
-Declined weighted 20lbls Macein Twist

i think there's more but i forgot :D.


Daily nutrition and daily grade

Fat - 9.6% (14 grams)
Protein - 27.2% (87 grams) "that weird it should of been higher"
Carbohydrates - 53.6% (171 grams)"mmm fruits and veggies!!"
Alcohol - 0.0%
Other - 9.7%

Total Calories Consumed 1,279

Daily Grade A

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