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Saturday, February 14, 2009

P90X day 6 week 5 Completed

i think this day is by far the most discouraging...... So much drama, and struggle with my family... I tried to put it aside and push hard in today's workout. I did, but it seem like i did not push hard enough. My Hr Monitor was at 170-183 Beats a sec, at 80% most of the time and 98% for the highest. i just did not feel like i worked up a good sweat :(. My diet today was kinda screwed up because of last night friends bday party, took a shot :( Im very strict but i gave in "bad me".

here my daily info

Fat - 12.7% (28 grams)
Protein - 40.5% (202 grams)
Carbohydrates - 42.8% (214 grams)
Alcohol - 4.0% (11 grams)
Other - 0.0%

Total Calories Consumed 1,933

Fell short of Protein intake, and too much carbs. The grade for today is still an A but im still beating myself up for it. went over my daily caloric intake :( goal was 1,888 by 45 RAWR! lol.

Tomarro is a new day and it will be a time to push play. :D have a wonderful Valentines day "even though i dont like it" heheh

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