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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

P90X day 2, week 4 Completed

Holy shit! Core synergistics "whatever its spelled" really kicked my ass today. but i love it, i broke more sweat doing this than any other workout. Still trying to get the moving down to the letter and keeping up. I think im get that "i look in the mirror too much syndrome. ahhaha who cares its the better me and im loving every minute of every sweat drip off my face :D yay My older brother is still kickin ass too as well.

Diet and eating
-Oat meal mixed with Whey protein
-Recovery drink
-Protein Drink
-4 hard boiled eggs "2 ate whole"
-bagel with cream cheese "yeah i know i fuked up"
-small half a sub sandwich, lettuces, olives, oil, vinegar, bell peppers, chicken, ham

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