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Sunday, February 8, 2009

P90x Day 6 week 4 Completed

like i said i was going to redo that day plus more. I done Kenpo X in the morning and then Kenpo X at night with my brother. The second time i push harder. I done more reps. I manage to do the "double cross punch, Ball kick and back kick with out touching the ground this time heheh. i paused it and added 10 diamond push ups and then un-paused it. Yeah it was brutal but fun. My brother still bringing it but doesn't care much for eating plan. Slow but surely going to get him on it 24/7. I got really low on the horse stance to the point of SUPER FAILURE lol. but it was FRAKKEN fun! loved it. Cant wait to start Phase 2, im going to stick it the Level 2 eating plan a little longer. oh here some update pictures of me. yeah I'm not going to hide my face again lol.

my diet and eating is pretty dam on spot today heheh.

heres a screen shot of my daily nutrition so far.

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