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Friday, January 13, 2012

Insanity Day 1 Completed

i started Insanity day 1 on January 9 2012. This is the very first time i am starting and WILL finish it. the day before i started i mentally prepped myself for this insane workout. it was fun and felt great.

here are my result for the test fit.

Insanity test fit day 1: completed. After a week of rest/complete alot of errands. Globe jump kicked my ass and lost some steam, but kept pushing hard. Feels great and sweated a bit whoot.

Test fit day 1 results. Enjoy
-switch kicks- 145 reps "2 moves = 1 rep"
-power jacks- 47 reps
-power knee- 41 reps
-globe jumps- 7 reps
-suicide jumps- 14 reps
-push up jacks- 30 reps
-low plank obliques- 50 reps

Will crush harder on next fit test results ,Enjoy :)

will update more with detailed nutrition like ive done with pie charts.

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