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Friday, January 13, 2012

Insanity Day 5 Completed w/ new detailed Nutrition info

with sweat dripping from my face, vein pumping, heart rate going crazy, pushing the limit and feeling badass.

Oh hell yeah!! i Killed it today with Insanity Pure cardio.

would anyone like to pick me off the ground ahaha, man i kick my own ass and DIGGED DEEPER then before!!!!

fun quote of today's work out!

Shaun T. - "I'm so tired i don't even know the name of my moves"

that's how you know that workouts kicking the trainer's butt too XD

Tip of the day: to get rid and aid recovery from soreness eat some pineapples.

Ok so i went back to my crazy caloric deficit. it is 1905 calories is my max intake for a day.

Daily Nutrition and daily grade

doing what Ive done in my first round of P90X i got great results. The aid of Insanity burning crazy calories, and eating super foods. ill be back in sexy ripped tone body in no time.

if you have any question please leave a message and ill get back to you on that!

oh yeah for nutrition program i use and its free.

you just simply input all the food you ate in one day. It would give you the info on your daily intake. ratio of proteins, carbs, fats etc. great tool to use if you want the upper edge on your nutrition like i am!

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