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Monday, January 23, 2012

Insanity Day 15 Completed Test fit 2 w/ Nutrition Info

Insanity day 15: Test fit 2 "made it my bitch today ahahahah!!", lost only a bit of steam at the end with low plank/oblique.

Test fit 1 results.

-switch kicks- 145 reps
-power jacks- 47 reps
-power knee- 41 reps
-globe jumps- 7 reps
-suicide jumps- 14 reps
-push up jacks- 30 reps
-low plank obliques- 50 reps

Test fit 2 Results

-switch kicks- 185 reps = Improvement of 40 extra reps
-power jacks- 80 reps = Improvement of 33 extra reps
-power knee- 100 reps = Improvement of 59 extra reps
-globe jumps- 25 reps = Improvement of 18 extra reps
-suicide jumps- 30 reps = Improvement of 16 extra reps
-push up jacks- 50 reps = Improvement of 20 extra reps
-low plank obliques- 60 reps = Improvement of 10 extra reps

mmm push the hardcore beast mode to make Major improvements when Test fit 3 in 2 weeks. mmm yummy hahaha.

Daily tip: eating bak choy has many benefits. its one of my power foods i eat alot. here is a link of info on this super food.

Daily nutrition and daily grade.

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