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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Insanity Day 10 Completed w/ Nutrition Info

aside from the photo XD

Plyometric cardio circuit!, man oh man still and awesome workout. had some things come up that had to cut my workout kinda short. Had to help my mom with joint pain, ran all over the place to look and find the right medicine/supplement. I didn't get to push as hard as i wanted to. Tomorrow i might switch it out for insane abs or something. Well see. Also my diet kind of suffered a bit today. Had home made Taco's and some other thing that were still good for me. Green tea, protein bar etc. so you'll see my carbs kind of high what not.

Daily Tip: When you need inspiration of getting fit and healthier, print a picture of a model or athlete. As it should suit as fuel for your fire to kick some ass!

Daily Nutrition and daily grade

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