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Monday, February 1, 2010

------ P90X :Round 3: Re-loaded. 02-01-2010 ---------

"you dont need to goto the GYM all the time, what i do is P90X!!!.....Bring it!

Well to start off sorry for the lack of update. long story short. i just recovered from a lower back problem, that handicapped me from about 1 and 1/2 months. Now im back in gear and now ready to Crush play for the 3rd time. Most you of followed me sinced the first round of my journey. So now it the new day of reckoning.

i finally made it to the P90X commercial and I'm am real! not some paid person or what not. Hope you guys enjoy this new crush play of 90 day. This will be updated every day. enjoy.

here some pictures and the P90X video with me in it :D

i just hope i motivate you and inspire you to CRUSH PLAY!! i will soon become a beachbody coach :D so ill let you know when i do ^^

New P90X Commercial "im in it YAY"

My First round of p90x Result video spoof.

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