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Monday, February 1, 2010

P90X :Round 3: Week 1, Day 1 -Dead Man Triples- Completed

Just to throw my body off for the first week. i will be doing Psycho Doubles for a week then switch off. I'm going all or nothing, and i will strive harder to get shredded. Finished the first of the Psycho Double, will do the 2nd half later tonight. So as far is it concerns Day 1 completed. will update the full info in my daily nutrition later.

Update - i decided to take it a step further than Psycho doubles. Now its Dead man triples.

Term Psycho Doubles: Doing P90X 2x a day
-if you want to push your self a bit further.

Example: Kenpo X back to back

P90X calorie burn 600, by doing twice you burn 1,200 Cals
Term: Dead man Triple: Doing P90X 3x a day.
-Yeah i know its crazy/extreme but if you want to push your self harder. I want to go further in how intense and crazy i can be. by setting my mind in that I AM HARDCORE really does help.

Example: Chest and back Ab Ripper X twice back to back.

So in reality thats 1,047 Ab Ripper Moves, and total 2,400 Cals

Also im the type of person who keep pushing until the end of the work out.

Daily Nutrition and daily Grade

Fat - 11.1% (10 grams)
Protein - 46.2% (97 grams)
Carbohydrates - 41.2% (86 grams)
Alcohol - 0%
Other - 1.6%

Total Calories Consumed 838 "i know i had to miss something...

Daily Grade

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