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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Insanity Day 24 Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

Today felt awesome!! soreness went away, Plyometric cardio circuit kicked my butt. Love feeling the sweat dripping from my face. The i had set up a fit club. It is called Cosplayers fit club. Today turnout was pretty good. aside from 11 people saying to arrive. 8 made it. helped educate the community about fitness and nutrition. The importance it is to have an active life style. So far so good. i might hold another one for my fellow friends/cosplayer's. Also got an extra workout, and pumped some IRON!!! lol heheh. Oh my P90X performance shirt came in YAY!

Daily tipNever relie on a scale to tell you your true results. always see how your clothes fit, and check your self out in the mirror once in a while. Have an open mind and i guarantee you wont be sorry :D

Daily nutrition and daily grade

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