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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Insanity Day 30 rest "modified recovery week"

today my schedule was really busy. did not get to do my workout for today. Which sucks. but oh well, woke up at 9:20am to take my dad to the eye doctor. Run alot of errands and such. Then i get pulled over by the same cop when i had a different car. Then telling me the same excuses like before. My car isnt even that loud, OEM style mufflers, OEM resonator, and OEM catalytic converter. That an asshole! but im not letting it get my day even more down.

any ways tomorrow will help me kick some butt and relieve some stress. DOing Insane ab's tomorrow and pushing it to the max!!

Daily tip:Saying you can, or cant. Either way you still right. so which one will you be today?

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