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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Insanity Day 25 Completed w/ "NEW" Nutrition Info

Today was slacking, motivation felt drained. I kept up and plowed through the workout. I wanted to work on my more on my core. so i switched it out on Insane abs. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. This Friday apparently it going to snow a lot. still doesn't bother me.

Daily Tip Extra work outs are fine, just make sure you rest on your rest days. I tend to do an extra workout when i feel the need to push a bit harder like at the gym etc. every workout counts!

also if your too busy to cook or want a fast option instead of fast foods. Try Shakeology. Grab a pack be on the go. like they say its the healthiest meal of the day.
Click on the link to the right if your interested!!

Daily nutrition and daily grade

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