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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 2 of P90x Completed

When they say this program is Extreme oh man... They mean it heheh By now my body is sore and my range of movement is suck hehe. I done the Plyometric and dam my lower body burns. It feels great though. I got my older brother to join me doing this. He started teh same day as me and still kicking and screaming. While doing the plyometric i took mini break because still sore but kept on pushing. "No Pain, No Gain" So to speak. After i had finished it with my brother. We struggle to climb up the stair in to spearate bathroom to take showers. FOr me at least was HELL! XD, i struggled to climb out of the shower too heheh. Well Day 3 is next and im siked about it. Wish me luck and giveme some feedback so it can keep me going :D

Diet and eating
-Carl's Jr Grilled chicken Sandwich "Only ate the chicken breast."
-6 inch Subway green peppers, spinach, lettuces, black olives, Turkey, and ham "did not eat the bread"
-Quaker oats Oatmeal "small bowl"
-Whey protein shake
-alot of water

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