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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P90X day 1, week 3 COMPLETED

HELL YEAH BABY! Toady week 3 day one was fun and brutal :D. i love this, i did not get a chance to do it early today but when i got home from helping my sister with her tanning saloon. I came home and went to straight doing the workout. I had my older bro do it too since he did not get to do it early either. He pushed hard so i pushed harder. At reps he done more i try to go further. I love working out with partners and best of all my brother Liem. He push hard and kept going when he wanted to pass out XD. but i know we both done excellent at the workout.

Diet and eating
-Protein Shake
-Recovery Drink
-small bowl of white rice, boiled green veggie, pork, shrimp, spicy tofu.
-6 inche Subway oven roasted chicken breast w/ lettuces, green peppers, red onion, spinach, cucumbers, black olives, oil and vinegar. "ate the small portion of the wheat bread"
-2 oz soup broccoli " i know..."

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