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Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 1 of P90x Completed

today is my first step at p90x, i been researching so much and i like the result from what people are getting. I'm going to push hard at this program, and not quit. P90x is 1 hour of intense workouts , 6days a week for 90 days "3 months". Im excited and ready to feel the pain :D. I will take some before pictures pretty soon.. Wish me luck and i wish luck to the people who are starting the same day as me.


wow i just finished the first day and I'm beat, struggling to get in the shower after ward lol. man.... im so out of shape :(. I guess that where it all ends ahah. Tomorrow will be plyometrics Day 2 hehe whoo excited yet warn out for now hehe. I will continue to push play.

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  1. day 1 tired followed pace is fast