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Monday, April 2, 2012

Review so far and how far i've came

so far i feel great! feeling awesome all over again. looking back from 150 days before my workout. i was fat, unhappy, and discussed with myself. So i decided to jump back on to P90X and finished a round of it. then decided to start and finish Insanity! the result from the 150 day workout was pretty good. Since my diet was off by 40% of the time. But manage to tweak it to get better again. Either way, i rather be where i am at then 150 days ago.

Before P90X/Insanity vs after P90X/Insanity

took a couple of weeks off after i finish Insanity to get alot of work done. Now i am doing another round of P90X reloaded/round 2!

So i hope you guys Enjoy my journey so far. because i am! Stay tuned. today is day 1 of P90X round 2!


  1. Great job man! How long have you been doing beachbody products now?

  2. Hey are you still blogging?

  3. Anthony, did you fall off the wagon at one point? This is my first time here. Was a Multi Time X grad myself. Once X2 came out, I was doing that, went back into karate 4x a week and added 2 yoga classes a week as well. In karate, I wound up blowing out my ACL, MCL and Meniscus all in one shot. Been almost 2 years and just got back in the game with X3. Man it's rough getting it all back. Thanks for being an inspiration bro

  4. Hi, I just wanted to say that your progress is enormous! WOW! Congratulations for finishing your programs. I did P90X Classic and Doubles last year. I’m looking forward to your new posts!
    Best wishes,